Winter Sale 2004 冬のキャンペーン2004

This campaign was ended. Thank you.

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* It is valid to January 31, 2004 order received.
* This ends sale, when limited quantity is lost.
We express gratitude to your daily patronage, and carry out "Winter Sale 2004." Please try the part of JUN on this opportunity by all means.
ジュンマシンショップ (田中工業株式会社)では、皆様からの日頃のご愛顧に感謝の意を表し、「JUN MACHINE SHOP 冬のキャンペーン」を実施いたします。

(15 set limitation)【15台限り】

Specification仕 様
Forged Pistonsアルミ鍛造ピストン87mm
Forged Crankshaft鍛造クランクシャフト90mm
Engine Displacement排気量2140cc
Compression ratio圧縮比(t=1.5mm)8.3 : 1
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We large-emit the JUN high camshafts carried by the present catalog no longer. Since it was the outlet article which has not been carried to a catalog, we reduced the price sharply. You are a chance to incorporate a cam shaft reasonably.

The price of a camshaft is one price, respectively. For example, we offer INT camshaft of the profile same as a thing only with EXH camshaft at this price.


NISSAN RB26DETT  JPY\40,000 -> JPY\24,000
  64(256)- 9.1INT 1 EXH 3
  64(256)- 9.5INT 4 3 EXH 2 1
  66(264)-10.0INT 1 EXH 0
  68(272)- 9.1INT 1 EXH 0
NISSAN RB20DET  JPY\46,000 -> JPY\27,000
  63(252)- 8.0INT 3 EXH 4
  64(256)- 7.8INT 4 EXH 4
  64(256)- 8.8INT 2 EXH 0
  65(260)- 8.5INT 1 EXH 0
NISSAN SR20DET  JPY\25,000 -> JPY\15,000
  63(252)- 7.0INT 3 2 EXH 0
NISSAN VG30DETT  JPY\80,000 -> JPY\48,000
  63(252)- 8.6INT 1 EXH 0
Last update Dec. 10, 2003

The price carried here is a thing when selling in Japan.
In order that you may know a detailed thing, please ask the JUN dealer in your country.