This turbine kit will big upgrade Nissan GT-R (R35). Your R35 will get power extremely beyond the stock turbine by using Garrett.

Using GT3076R on the competition spec which does not use catalyst, it showed really 900ps(662kW) performance. And, on the street spec which use catalyst, it will be able to show nearly 800ps(588kW) of power.

The Setup Kit is including exhaust manifolds, wastegates, exhaust pipes, intake pipes, air cleaners, oil lines, water lines, and short parts. And, choose turbochargers separately.

COMPONENTS of Turbo Setup Kit:

Trust Wastegate (TYPE-R), Exhaust manifold, Down pipe, Air cleaner, Intake pipe, Oil line, Water line, Short parts

  • The measurement value is result of our test vehicle with the Custom Kit 4.0L.
  • The measurement value is result of our test vehicle with the Custom Kit 4.0L. It cannot install the primary catalyst.

Vehicle Product Part # MSRP(yen) Remarks
GT-R (R35) Turbo Setup Kit 2011A-N002JPY1,100,000 The price is not including turbochargers
Turbochargers Garrett GT3076R 2011A-N011ASK A set of turbine and housing
Turbochargers Garrett GTX3582R 2011A-N012ASK A set of turbine and housing
  • The price of setup kit is not including turbochargers. Choose turbochargers when you purchase. We estimate the cost of turbochargers when you ask.
  • Need resetting an engine ECU.
  • This product can install a R35 which was installed the Trust (GReddy) intercooler piping kit. We are not checking stock piping and the other makers.
  • This kit will need to upgrade fuel line, drive trains, and engine. This kit does not contain them.