Steady convert piston action into rotary motion

With the reciprocating engine which changes a straight-line motion into rotational movement, the very gentle characteristic can be acquired by restraining the conversion loss to the minimum. Although it sends in much air and fuel and obtains large explosive power, if the upgraded engine has much conversion loss in case it changes it into rotational movement, it will become the futility of energy. The energy left behind without being changed affects as load to other parts, and brings degradation of parts forward. This thing happens in proportion to the generated power.

The rate of balance

While crankshaft is rotating, a crankshaft always changes slightly under the influence of the inertia power generated with reciprocating movement of a piston and a connecting rod. This slight transformation generates the slanted contact and vibration toward which the journal metal, and causes an engine trouble.
The JUN FULL COUNTER CRANKSHAFT has adopted full counter form in order to balance inertia power and the centrifugal force which is generated by counter weight. As a result of pursuing the most effective form of counter weight by the thorough analysis and thorough calculation, though the increase in weight was suppressed, improvement in the rate of balance was realized.

Trouble Example: Happening by the Bad Balance

It is possible to defend transformation if it is full counter weight with the excellent rate of balance. The trouble of a metal portion is prevented and high rotation is attained.
Since the rate of balance is not excellent, the centrifugal force which opposes a reciprocating inertia power is insufficient. And slight transformation cannot be suppressed, so that a journal metal becomes a slanted contact. (In case of bad balance, even if it is full counter form, the same phenomenon occurs.)

Consistent with the strength and the lightness

The JUN stroker kit was combined with Cosworth pistons, JUN I-beam rods, and JUN billet crankshaft which is light weight though it is a full counter. The each part has already gotten high evaluation. We researched theme of strength and light weight through various things such as choosing material, production method, and heat treatment. This stroker kit will help to make your high-power and high durability motor.